IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Instance Methods

(void) - onSyncServerStart
(void) - onSyncServerFinish
(void) - onSyncServerFailed
(void) - onNewConversation:
(void) - onConversationChanged:
(void) - onTotalUnreadMessageCountChanged:

Method Documentation

◆ onSyncServerStart()

- (void) onSyncServerStart

When server conversation synchronization starts, the SDK automatically synchronizes server conversations after a successful login or network reconnection. You can monitor such an event and display the event progress on the UI.

◆ onSyncServerFinish()

- (void) onSyncServerFinish

When server conversation synchronization is completed, if there are conversation changes, the SDK notifies users of the changes via onNewConversation or onConversationChanged callback.

◆ onSyncServerFailed()

- (void) onSyncServerFailed

Server conversation synchronization failed

◆ onNewConversation:()

- (void) onNewConversation: (NSArray< V2TIMConversation * > *)  conversationList

If there is a new conversation (such as receiving a one-to-one chat message from a new colleague or being added to a new group), use "lastMessage -> timestamp" to sort the conversation list again.

◆ onConversationChanged:()

- (void) onConversationChanged: (NSArray< V2TIMConversation * > *)  conversationList

If the key information of some conversations changes (for example, the unread count changes, or the last message is updated), use "lastMessage -> timestamp" to sort the conversation list again.

◆ onTotalUnreadMessageCountChanged:()

- (void) onTotalUnreadMessageCountChanged: (UInt64)  totalUnreadCount

Notify the changes of the total unread message count of all conversations (supported by 5.3.425 and later versions)

  • The total unread message count excludes the unread message count of Do-Not-Disturb conversations (conversations whose message receiving option is V2TIMMessage.V2TIM_NOT_RECEIVE_MESSAGE or V2TIMMessage.V2TIM_RECEIVE_NOT_NOTIFY_MESSAGE).