IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Public Member Functions

 V2TIMTopicInfo ()
 V2TIMTopicInfo (const V2TIMTopicInfo &topicInfo)
V2TIMTopicInfooperator= (const V2TIMTopicInfo &topicInfo)
 ~V2TIMTopicInfo ()

Data Fields

V2TIMString topicID
V2TIMString topicName
V2TIMString topicFaceURL
V2TIMString introduction
V2TIMString notification
bool isAllMuted
uint32_t selfMuteTime
V2TIMString customString
V2TIMReceiveMessageOpt recvOpt
V2TIMString draftText
uint64_t unreadCount
uint64_t readSequence
V2TIMGroupAtInfoVector groupAtInfoList
uint32_t createTime
uint64_t defaultPermissions
uint32_t modifyFlag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ V2TIMTopicInfo() [1/2]

◆ V2TIMTopicInfo() [2/2]

V2TIMTopicInfo ( const V2TIMTopicInfo topicInfo)

◆ ~V2TIMTopicInfo()

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

V2TIMTopicInfo& operator= ( const V2TIMTopicInfo topicInfo)

Field Documentation

◆ topicID

V2TIMString topicID

Topic ID. The topic ID can only be set when creating or modifying topic information. The composition method is: community ID + @TOPIC_xxx. For example, if the community ID is @TGS_123, then the topic ID is @TGS_123@TOPIC_xxx.

◆ topicName

V2TIMString topicName

Topic name The maximum length of the topic name is 150 bytes, encoded in UTF-8.

◆ topicFaceURL

V2TIMString topicFaceURL

Topic face The maximum length of the topic face url is 500 bytes, encoded in UTF-8.

◆ introduction

V2TIMString introduction

Topic introduction The maximum length of the topic introduction is 400 bytes, encoded in UTF-8.

◆ notification

V2TIMString notification

Topic notification The maximum length of the toic notification is 400 bytes, encoded in UTF-8.

◆ isAllMuted

bool isAllMuted

Whether to mute all members of this topic.

◆ selfMuteTime

uint32_t selfMuteTime

Current user's mute time in the topic.

◆ customString

V2TIMString customString

Topic custom String.

◆ recvOpt

Current user's message receiving option in the topic. To modify the topic message receiving option, please call the setGroupReceiveMessageOpt API.

◆ draftText

V2TIMString draftText

Topic draft.

◆ unreadCount

uint64_t unreadCount

Current user's unread message count in the topic.

◆ lastMessage

V2TIMMessage* lastMessage

Topic lastMessage.

◆ readSequence

uint64_t readSequence

Sequence of the latest message which has been read. supported only in 7.8 and later versions.

◆ groupAtInfoList

V2TIMGroupAtInfoVector groupAtInfoList

Topic @ information list.

◆ createTime

uint32_t createTime

Topic create time.

◆ defaultPermissions

uint64_t defaultPermissions

Topic default permissions,supported only in 7.8 and later versions When the permission group is enabled (enablePermissionGroup = true) in V2TIMGroupInfo, the default permissions for group members who have not joined any permission groups will take effect.

◆ modifyFlag

uint32_t modifyFlag

Topic info modification flag Enumeration V2TIMGroupInfoModifyFlag lists which fields support modification, if you modify group information, please set the value of this field, if you modify multiple fields at the same time, multiple enumeration values ​​are combined by bitwise OR, for example, modify the group name and avatar at the same time. info.groupName = "new group name"; info.faceURL = "new face url"; info.modifyFlag = V2TIM_GROUP_INFO_MODIFY_FLAG_GROUP_NAME | V2TIM_GROUP_INFO_MODIFY_FLAG_FACE_URL;