IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Detailed Description

Detail profile.

Public Member Functions

 V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo ()
 V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo (const V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo &groupMemberFullInfo)
 ~V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo ()

Data Fields

V2TIMCustomInfo customInfo
uint32_t role
uint32_t muteUntil
int64_t joinTime
bool isOnline
uint32_t modifyFlag
V2TIMString userID
V2TIMString nickName
V2TIMString friendRemark
V2TIMString nameCard
V2TIMString faceURL
V2TIMStringVector onlineDevices

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo() [1/2]

◆ V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo() [2/2]

V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo ( const V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo groupMemberFullInfo)

◆ ~V2TIMGroupMemberFullInfo()

Field Documentation

◆ customInfo

V2TIMCustomInfo customInfo

Custom fields To configure the corresponding keys and permissions, go to Chat console -> Configuration -> Custom Group Member Field.

◆ role

uint32_t role

Group member role. To modify group member role, please call the V2TIMManagerGroup.h -> SetGroupMemberRole API.

◆ muteUntil

uint32_t muteUntil

Get the time when group members were unmuted. To mute users, call the V2TIMManagerGroup.h -> MuteGroupMember API.

◆ joinTime

int64_t joinTime

Joining time of group members. The group joining time is automatically generated and cannot be modified.

◆ isOnline

bool isOnline

Whether the current group member is online or not.

  • This field is not supported for AVChatRoom groups
  • The field is only valid when the getGroupMemberList API is called.
  • The field is supported only in Chat Premium 7.3 and later versions.

◆ modifyFlag

uint32_t modifyFlag

Group member data modification flag Enumeration V2TIMGroupMemberInfoModifyFlag lists which fields support modification. If you modify group member information, please set this field value to support modifying multiple fields at the same time. Multiple enumeration values ​​are combined by bitwise OR, for example, modifying group member name card and group member role at the same time. info.nameCard = "new name card"; info.role = V2TIM_GROUP_MEMBER_ROLE_ADMIN; info.modifyFlag = V2TIM_GROUP_MEMBER_INFO_MODIFY_FLAG_NAME_CARD | V2TIM_GROUP_MEMBER_INFO_MODIFY_FLAG_MEMBER_ROLE;

◆ userID

V2TIMString userID

User ID.

◆ nickName

V2TIMString nickName

User nickname.

◆ friendRemark

V2TIMString friendRemark

Friend remarks.

◆ nameCard

V2TIMString nameCard

Name card.

◆ faceURL

V2TIMString faceURL

Profile photo URL.

◆ onlineDevices

V2TIMStringVector onlineDevices

Online Device List.