IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Instance Methods

(void) - onConnecting
(void) - onConnectSuccess
(void) - onConnectFailed:err:
(void) - onKickedOffline
(void) - onUserSigExpired
(void) - onSelfInfoUpdated:
(void) - onUserStatusChanged:
(void) - onUserInfoChanged:
(void) - onAllReceiveMessageOptChanged:
(void) - onExperimentalNotify:param:

Method Documentation

◆ onConnecting()

- (void) onConnecting

The SDK is connecting to the CVM instance.

◆ onConnectSuccess()

- (void) onConnectSuccess

The SDK is successfully connected to the CVM instance.

◆ onConnectFailed:err:()

- (void) onConnectFailed: (int)  code
err: (NSString *)  err 

The SDK failed to connect to the CVM instance.

◆ onKickedOffline()

- (void) onKickedOffline

The current user is kicked offline. When this occurs, you can notify the user on the UI and then call the login() function of V2TIMManager to log in the user again.

◆ onUserSigExpired()

- (void) onUserSigExpired

The ticket expired while the user is online. When this occurs, you need to generate a new userSig and call the login() function of V2TIMManager to log in the user again.

◆ onSelfInfoUpdated:()

- (void) onSelfInfoUpdated: (V2TIMUserFullInfo *)  Info

The profile of the current user was updated.

◆ onUserStatusChanged:()

- (void) onUserStatusChanged: (NSArray< V2TIMUserStatus * > *)  userStatusList

The status of a user changed.

You will receive this callback in the following cases´╝Ü
  1. The status (including online status and custom status) of a subscribed user changed.
  2. The status (including online status and custom status) of a friend changed (if the user has enabled friend status change notifications in the console).
  3. When an account is logged into multiple devices, and the custom status of one of the devices changes, all devices will receive this callback.

◆ onUserInfoChanged:()

- (void) onUserInfoChanged: (NSArray< V2TIMUserFullInfo * > *)  userInfoList

User profile change notification

This callback is triggered when the user profile of a subscribed (subscribeUserInfo) non-friend user has changed.

◆ onAllReceiveMessageOptChanged:()

- (void) onAllReceiveMessageOptChanged: (V2TIMReceiveMessageOptInfo *)  receiveMessageOptInfo

The message receiving options for all conversations changed.

◆ onExperimentalNotify:param:()

- (void) onExperimentalNotify: (NSString *)  key
param: (NSObject *)  param 

Experimental event notification