IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Instance Methods

(void) - onRecvNewMessage:
(void) - onRecvMessageReadReceipts:
(void) - onRecvC2CReadReceipt:
(void) - onRecvMessageRevoked:operateUser:reason:
(void) - onRecvMessageModified:
(void) - onRecvMessageExtensionsChanged:extensions:
(void) - onRecvMessageExtensionsDeleted:extensionKeys:
(void) - onRecvMessageReactionsChanged:
(void) - onGroupMessagePinned:message:isPinned:opUser:
(void) - onRecvMessageRevoked:

Method Documentation

◆ onRecvNewMessage:()

- (void) onRecvNewMessage: (V2TIMMessage *)  msg

Received a new message.

◆ onRecvMessageReadReceipts:()

- (void) onRecvMessageReadReceipts: (NSArray< V2TIMMessageReceipt * > *)  receiptList

If the message you send supports read receipts, and the message receiver calls sendMessageReadReceipts, you will receive this notification.

◆ onRecvC2CReadReceipt:()

- (void) onRecvC2CReadReceipt: (NSArray< V2TIMMessageReceipt * > *)  receiptList

If the other party calls cleanConversationUnreadMessageCount to clean up one-to-one unread message count, you will receive this callback, which will only carry the other party's userID and the timestamp for cleaning up unread message count.

◆ onRecvMessageRevoked:operateUser:reason:()

- (void) onRecvMessageRevoked: (NSString *)  msgID
operateUser: (V2TIMUserInfo *)  operateUser
reason: (NSString *)  reason 

Message recall notification (Supported only in 7.4 and later versions)

◆ onRecvMessageModified:()

- (void) onRecvMessageModified: (V2TIMMessage *)  msg

Message content modified.

◆ onRecvMessageExtensionsChanged:extensions:()

- (void) onRecvMessageExtensionsChanged: (NSString *)  msgID
extensions: (NSArray< V2TIMMessageExtension * > *)  extensions 

Message extension changed.

◆ onRecvMessageExtensionsDeleted:extensionKeys:()

- (void) onRecvMessageExtensionsDeleted: (NSString *)  msgID
extensionKeys: (NSArray< NSString * > *)  extensionKeys 

Message extension deleted.

◆ onRecvMessageReactionsChanged:()

- (void) onRecvMessageReactionsChanged: (NSArray< V2TIMMessageReactionChangeInfo * > *)  changeList

Message reaction changed This callback is an additional callback for message reactions. It only contains the information of changed reactions. If the field totalUserCount in the callback is 0, it means that no users are using the reaction, and you can remove it from the UI.

◆ onGroupMessagePinned:message:isPinned:opUser:()

- (void) onGroupMessagePinned: (NSString *)  groupID
message: (V2TIMMessage *)  message
isPinned: (BOOL)  isPinned
opUser: (V2TIMGroupMemberInfo *)  opUser 

Receive notification of changes to the pinned group message list If the change type is "unpin", the "message" parameter only contains the key of the message, without the complete message body.

◆ onRecvMessageRevoked:()

- (void) onRecvMessageRevoked: (NSString *)  msgID

Received a message recall notification (It is deprecated and discouraged to use this callback. Please use onRecvMessageRevoked:operateUser:reason: instead )