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NSString * title
NSString * desc
NSString * ext
BOOL disablePush
NSString * iOSSound
BOOL ignoreIOSBadge
NSString * AndroidOPPOChannelID
NSInteger AndroidVIVOClassification

Property Documentation

◆ title

- (NSString*) title

Notification title(This field must be set for custom message offline push)

◆ desc

- (NSString*) desc

Notification content.

◆ ext

- (NSString*) ext

Extended field passed through by offline push The party that receives the offline push can get this field in UIApplicationDelegate -> didReceiveRemoteNotification -> userInfo, and use this field to make UI jump logic.

◆ disablePush

- (BOOL) disablePush

Whether to disable push (push enabled by default)

◆ iOSSound

- (NSString*) iOSSound

Offline push sound setting (valid only for iOS)

When iOSSound is kIOSOfflinePushNoSound, no sound is played when a message is received. When iOSSound is kIOSOfflinePushDefaultSound, the system alert sound is played when a message is received. To customize iOSSound, link the audio file to the Xcode project and set iOSSound to the audio filename (with the extension name).

◆ ignoreIOSBadge

- (BOOL) ignoreIOSBadge

Whether to ignore the badge count for offline push (valid only for iOS)

If this parameter is set to YES, the unread message count on the app badge will not increase when the message is received by the iOS device.

◆ AndroidOPPOChannelID

- (NSString*) AndroidOPPOChannelID

Offline push channel ID for OPPO phones that run Android 8.0 or later.

◆ AndroidVIVOClassification

- (NSInteger) AndroidVIVOClassification

Offline push setting for vivo phones Offline push message classification for vivo phones. 0: operation message; 1: system message. The default value is 1.