IM features a comprehensive suite of solutions including global access, one-to-one chat, group chat, message push, profile and relationship chain hosting, and account authentication. It also provides complete app access and backend management APIs.

Public Member Functions

boolean isLayersOverLimit ()
String getTitle ()
List< String > getAbstractList ()
void downloadMergerMessage (final V2TIMValueCallback< List< V2TIMMessage >> callback)
String toString ()
V2TIMElem getNextElem ()
void appendElem (V2TIMElem v2TIMElem)

Member Function Documentation

◆ isLayersOverLimit()

boolean isLayersOverLimit ( )

When a combined message also contains combined messages, we call the situation combination nesting. The number of combination nesting levels cannot exceed 100. If the limit is exceeded, layersOverLimit will return true, title and abstractList will return an empty string, and downloadMergerMessage will return the ERR_MERGER_MSG_LAYERS_OVER_LIMIT error code. title and abstractList will return null, and downloadMergerMessage will return the ERR_MERGER_MSG_LAYERS_OVER_LIMIT error code.

◆ getTitle()

String getTitle ( )

Get the title of a combined message

◆ getAbstractList()

List<String> getAbstractList ( )

Get the abstract list of the combined message

◆ downloadMergerMessage()

void downloadMergerMessage ( final V2TIMValueCallback< List< V2TIMMessage >>  callback)

Download the list of messages combined

◆ toString()

String toString ( )

◆ getNextElem()

V2TIMElem getNextElem ( )

◆ appendElem()

void appendElem ( V2TIMElem  v2TIMElem)

Add the next element

To configure multiple elements, you can add the next element via the element of a Message object after creating the Message object.

The following is the sample code for creating V2TIMTextElem and V2TIMCustomElem elements:

V2TIMMessage message = V2TIMManager.getMessageManager().createTextMessage("test");

V2TIMCustomElem customElem = new V2TIMCustomElem();

customElem.setData("Custom message".getBytes());


  • This API can be called only by elements of a Message object created via createMessage.
  • This API can be used to add elements only of the V2TIMTextElem, V2TIMCustomElem, V2TIMFaceElem, and V2TIMLocationElem types.